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A development of three exclusive and unique barn conversions, set in a stunning location and totally refurbished to the highest of standards. Set on a private gated development and each with a 10 year structural warranty and separate detached garaging, Albert Barns is all about exceptional living for modern people. 

4 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms


A development containing only three exclusive barn conversions, each created to achieve the perfect balance of modern living in a picturesque and convenient location. Built to the highest standard and perfect for anyone wanting an impressive and unique home.


The open view to the green outdoors together with the interplay of light over the course of the days and seasons helps provide you with an exceptional, living atmosphere. They give you all the functionality that you need from a building, that is unique in appearance, and ambiance.

The holistic view of quality covers the careful choice of materials, individual planning, construction, and after sales service. The planning is down to the last detail, aiming to maximise your perception of space and light. Construction is carried out using sustainable materials minimising waste. It is all compliant with, and goes beyond, the latest building regulations in both detail and overall concept.

It’s all within moments of a modern urban centre

Albert Barns, Brinsford Lane, Slade Heath WV10 7PR

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