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Basil Barn At Lighteach Estate Is Now On Sale

Warm Beautiful Homes Operations Limited is an enterprise dedicated to building quality homes for discerning people. We specialise in unique properties within the counties of Staffordshire, Shropshire, and the West Midlands. We are an established, local, and forward looking Property Developer based in Walsall with focus on developing, carefully restoring, and building new houses that meet the aspirations of today’s generation of families. All of the character with all of the modern comforts – set in great locations. As a developer, we feel that the properties we produce should be unique, characterful, and energy efficient. We aim to pay homage to the histories and stories of each individual building whilst sensitively ensuring the reuse and continuity of the property long into the future. We work closely with skilled craftspeople as well as local communities to provide the best developments and the highest standards of work possible. We're aware of our responsibilities to the local wildlife and the surrounding areas and work hard to achieve a perfect balance to the benefit of all.

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