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Suppliers and subcontractors are critical members of our team supporting our aim of complete customer satisfaction on each project.


Our purchasing policy is to use the best products and technologies to meet project needs in a sustainable way in order to reduce whole lifetime costs. If you supply materials or provide services that we are likely to purchase, then we invite you to contact us. After contacting us it is important you return and update the information frequently to keep us current with your company’s capabilities. The more complete and current your registration information, the better visibility your company has.


 As a supplier or subcontractor, we depend on your expert knowledge, quality, and integrity to consistently bring the best solutions to our projects. Together we can continually offer increasing value to our clients. We work with approved suppliers and subcontractors who commit to delivering quality, on time, and on budget. We are committed to the highest safety, environmental and ethical standards and expect the same dedication from our suppliers and subcontractors. Warm Beautiful Homes Operations Ltd is committed to the highest standards of business ethics. It is our policy to only deal with organisations that have similar ethical standards as our own.

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Do you know of any property that could be our next project?


We are always looking for interesting projects. We make decisions rapidly and are not reliant on bank finance. We are happy to pay finders fees upon a purchase.


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Standard Conditions of Purchase

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