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Quality From The Start

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At Warm Beautiful Homes, quality is the priority, from choosing only the right location and style of home to the construction processes we practice, the materials we use and the specifications we put into those homes.

Our homes are built to the highest quality standards to last. This requires a skilled workforce and attention to detail. To achieve this we have built strong, long-term relationships with the contract team. This ensures all details are forward planned and well co-ordinated. Checks are undertaken both throughout the build process and before handover to ensure a high quality finish has been achieved. Our specification is designed to meet the demands and needs and aspirations of today’s families. We build properties that we would like to live in ourselves with all of the features and utilities that we would want. This is personal to us.

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For our homes to be constructed to such a high quality we partner with one contractor in the long term. We do not select a new contractor for each project. We have a long term contract team. There is no competitive tendering – our unique risk and reward share process means that we are all about delivering great homes rather than delivering great profits.



Our contract team is involved with all of the project planning and co-ordination. We are all aware of the tolerances and specifications for each home. Our common principle is to do the work once and to ensure that it is done correctly – right first time.



Beyond this, we have a six fold set of reassurance controls. You can see these here. These multi-layered checks ensure the highest quality is ingrained into the build process. Our ultimate aim is to achieve zero defects on handover.


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