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Home Exchange

Your Forever Home Made Easy


At Warm Beautiful Homes Operations we aim to make the process of buying a new home as simple and stress-free as possible. We are excited to introduce our Home Exchange scheme, which offers a fantastic opportunity for you if want to move into one of our superb properties.


Our Home Exchange scheme allows you to purchase one of our homes without having to worry about selling your current property first. You are instantly like a cash buyer or in legal jargon you are proceedable. The process starts with you getting a valuation on your property from an independent estate agent. We will also form a view on what we believe your property would sell for. Then we agree on a value. From there you instruct your conveyancer or solicitor, and ensure that your finance or mortgage is in place,

We will consider any property for part exchange of any size within the Midlands irrespective of the state of the property. Completion happens on both your old home and your new one at the same time. This means that you can move into your new home without the hassle of finding a buyer for your existing property.


One huge advantage of our part exchange scheme is that it removes the need for a chain. Chains can be a major source of delays in the home buying process, as a single break in the chain can cause the entire process to come to a grinding halt or collapse completely. With our scheme, there is no chain, which means a faster and more efficient buying process for everyone involved.

For you, this means: -

• No estate agent fees.

• Not relying on unknown people in the chain

• A smoother process

• A definite moving date notified well in advance.

• No chain.

• No delays

Contact us today and make the dream come true, easily

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